New C2CLax Rep

How Su...weet is This! Welcome! 

Well, we are totally stoked to have all of you and excited to get you your FREE Gear.  You should have received an Email from us with your Rep Code.  We are blown away that you guys are already selling stuff and working towards your Free Gear. You're not messing around! Wow!

Thanks for jumping aboard...



Prior to launching this Rep Program, we had 3 individuals test the program.  We all learned a lot!  Do we all have more to learn...sure, but we have come a long way to put together this program for you.

To help you as you move forward, we thought we would share some of what our 3 test Reps learned:

  • CASUAL APPROACH- Go with a total CASUAL approach.  We suggest not coming-out blazin' that you're a C2CLax Rep.  Most, will get the feeling that you are just trying to sell them something.  
  • WEARING YOUR SHIRT- There's nothing better than wearing your C2CLax Shirt.  Without a doubt, people will compliment and ask you about your shirt.  That's when you speak-up and tell them something more about the brand. 
  • INTRO- You can always start a simple conversation about the C2CLax like....

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Whatever platform (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) you choose to use, let us do the work for you.  1) Meaning, Retweet or Share the stuff we have going on.  2) Talk about your C2CLax Gear on Social Media.  If so, people will start to come to you realizing you know a lot about the C2CLax and the shirts. 3) Send in photos with your shirts and we'll do our part and bring you A LOT of response.  We will give you personal S/O's that you then can Retweet or Share with your peeps. Your peeps WILL RESPOND. Right on...right on. 


Do You Know The Basics?

  1. Do you know the Price of the Shirts?
  2. Do you know the Colors of the different Shirts?
  3. Do you know the Price of the Stickers? 
  4. Do you know what our Grow the Game Program is?

If not, go to Shop....


You Guys are Awesome!

Right on...right on,

The Coast to Coast Lax Guys