REP Program Free Gear List

What's up REPS!

Well, here you go....the updated Gear List.  Once you've reached your the item you're looking for just send Katie an email and she'll take care of you. 

You can go HERE to see where you're at. 

Good Luck REPS!  

Thanks for being one of our REPS!  


 Free Gear List Price Amount Sold Needed
 1 Coast to Coast Lax Sticker  (4" dia.)  $24
 1 Coast to Coast Lax Ball  $35
 1 Water Bottle  $50
 1 Lax Tee  (100% Cotton) or 1 Lax Tee (Triblend).   $100
 1 Hats   $120
 1 Shore Hat  $130
 1 Long Sleeve Tee  $160
 1 Long Sleeve Pocket Tee  $160
 1 Long Sleeve Hoodie   $200
 1 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt  $225
 1 Blind Basket of Goodness  $250

*No worries, we take care of the shipping too.  It's Totally Free!