REP Program Details

So, you want to be a Coast to Coast Lax Rep for your school?  Su...weet!  Let us tell you everything you need to know about how this program works.  

Here you go: 

  1. You Must Purchase Your First Coast to Coast Lax Shirt to Start. (It's hard to Rep a shirt if you don't have one...)
  2. You fill-out a simple application submitting some basic information. 
  3. We choose one (1) Rep from each High School/Middle School and two (2) from each College through-out the U.S., Canada, Japan and U.K.
  4. Once accepted, you'll already be signed-up on our Rep Program Email List (primary source of communications with us). We also use it to throw additional perks your way.  Nice!
  5. Once accepted, and you've purchase your first shirt, you are given your own Individual Rep Code that has an Discount to all our Gear. 
  6. You plan-out what Free Gear you want and go for it. 
  7. You ask those who dig Coast to Coast Lax and ask them to use your Rep Code when purchasing.  
  8. We'll keep track of the purchases made with your Rep Code. 
  9. Please Note: Your Rep Code Totals are based on the Discounted Price and not the retail price.
  10. NEW! We can offer you a Team Discount if you you're talking with entire teams who would dig the gear.  Email us and we'll work with you on an individual bases with the Team Discounts. 
  11. Once your sales reach the level of Free Gear you want, you send us a quick email and we send it out your Free Gear.  Depending on your activity, we'll also send you emails of your Rep Totals.  It's that easy!
  12. After receiving your Free Item...those sales numbers start over for your next one.   

Brilliant!  Again, it's just that simple!  Here's some of the Free Gear breakdown...


 Free Gear List Price Amount Sold Needed
 1 Coast to Coast Lax Sticker  (4" dia.)  $24
 1 Coast to Coast Lax Tee  (100% Cotton) or 1 Coast to Coast Lax Tee (Triblend).   $100
 1 Coast to Coast Lax Hats   $120
 1 Coast to Coast Lax Long Sleeve Tee  $160
 1 Coast to Coast Lax Long Sleeve Hoodie   $200

*No worries, we take care of the shipping too.  It's Totally Free!



We don't care if you want to stay long enough to earn your Free C2CLax Gear and then split.  That's cool!  Or, if you want to stay on since we are always coming-out with new stuff.  Awesome!  We only ask that you send us a quick email that you no longer interested in continuing to be a REP.  That's it!  We want to leave room for New Reps in your school.

We cap-off giving Rep if you're interested, go ahead and fill-out this APPLICATION and we then can review it and get back with you to get you started.  

The only stipulation is that we have the right to discontinue your Rep Code if there is no activity within 30 days of your last transaction using your rep code.  That's not asking too much is it. 

We would be stoked to have you aboard!  If you have any questions, feel free to email us at;, or, if not, you can go directly to filling-out an APPLICATION HERE

Right on...right on,

Coast to Coast Lax Clothing Co.