20' BBQ Trailer, For Sale

Why We're Selling It?  Simply, this model of using a Trailer vs. a Tent didn't work for us at our events...

We had this Trailer built for our 2016 Summer Tour and to Promote the Brand. We used it for one season used. It is in the category as a BBQ Trailer. However, we used it for Retail Sales...Great setup for both. (Note: The Wrap Signage will be taken off prior to sale.)

The Box is 14' long and the Porch is 6'.  (white exterior)
Box: The inside is finished with plywood that has not been stained or painted.   
     -The Box itself is White on the exterior
     -3'x5' Retail Window (easy open and lockable)
     -Rubber Textured Flooring
     -1- Skylight that cranks open
     -2- 6'x3' Wire Shelves
     -1- 3'x1' Wire Shelves 
     -4' Stainless steel counter (inside)
     -Wall Outlets
     -2- Fluorescent Lights ( on switch)
     -30 Amp Fuse Box
     -Set-in Step to get in Trailer easily. 
     -Bluetooth Stereo System
     -Anchored Deposit Safe


     -Door leading from porch to inside the trailer.
     -Rubber Textured Flooring
     -Bi-Fold Gate that opens and locks
     -Set-in Step to get on the Porch easily
     -Rear Railing is removable to load larger items (smokers & grills)
     -Display Cylinder- We used this for a campaign and would be great for any future marketing efforts. Will sell with the Trailer or optional not to. 
     -4 Tie Down Anchors
     -Stabilizer Jacks
     -New Tires w/ Spare
     -Trailer Breaks
     -Emergency Trailer Breaks
     -Hitch w/ Ball
     -Grease for Ball
     -Hydraulic Jack
Bottom Line- this Trailer is totally outfitted and ready to be used tomorrow.  Clean Title. 

Asking Price: $6,800

If interested or have additional questions, please contact Darren:

 D@Coasttocoastlaxstyle.com or 440.785.7000