We love to travel and explore new coasts while always having our LAX stick in our bag.  There's nothing better than exploring a new coast that you have never been to.  Sure, they all have similarities with the Surf, Sand and Sun, but they are all so very different too.  

One of our most favorite things to do is show-up at the airport without a plan, but with only our stick in hand. Look up at the flight board at all the different cities/countries listed and make a decision right there of where we should go.  After rolling into that city/country, take in the local culture, find some local flavor and be pointed towards the coast.  

Whether it is on Hawaii's Coast, the East Coast, Australia's Coast and every coast in between, there's always a new coast to find.  We have a goal to find every single one.  Will we do so, probably not, but we'll certainly try. 

What we have found while traveling with our LAX sticks, is that Lacrosse is very much a worldwide sport/lifestyle.  We'll walk through international airports only to have people approach us with the common love of the game.  Even those who don't know the game they are intrigued to watch and approach us as we play on the beach.  

Until our next adventure...


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