The Lacrosse Community Lost a Good One

The Lacrosse Community Lost a Good One

Cadee Connor was a beautiful sophomore who played lacrosse and basketball for Herriman High School.  Her goal in life was to make everybody happy and she had the most incredible smile that could light up the whole room.

On October 29th, 2015 she got in a terrible car wreck that cost her her life because of one stupid mistake that wasn't her fault. Someone ran a red light crashing into her car. The police then found out that the person who crashed into Cadee was on their phone. PLEASE do not text while driving it can cost your life and someone else's! It's not worth the risk, it can wait!




"Cadee Conner is one amazing girl. She played lacrosse and basketball and dominated in both. Cadee was a sophomore at Herriman High School where she was on both the Basketball team and Lacrosse team. Last basketball season Cadee had a season ending injury for both basketball and lacrosse. Even though she was injured and not expected to be able to play for months, she still came to all of our lacrosse games and practices. She was so dedicated to our team and it meant so much to each of us. On Thursday October 29, the school announced the car accident on Mountain View corridor and told the student body that it involved three mustangs. They explained that Cadee Conner was the only one in the crash proclaimed dead. Some lady ran a red light and nailed the passenger seat, where Cadee was sitting. I walked in the school around 2:10 when the announcement ended and I could just feel the distraught and the gloom of the school. I walked to one of my teammates and asked who it was and she told me "Cadee Conner, some sophomore" I looked at her and asked "our Cadee Conner" and she said "no the one from the basketball team" and I said right back "Aubrey, that's our Cadee.." Both of us dropped everything and help each other crying. It was one of the worst feelings.

We had a vigil for her on Friday night and dedicated our high school football playoff game to her. Her family was shocked at all the support the had for Cadee and themselves. It's so incredible to see the whole community come together like this.

Cadee is one of my best friends, and I will always remember her and the impact her story has had on me and everyone around me."

-Ryan Shannon (lacrosse teammate)



Cadee Connor was always the one to make sure everyone was smiling. She was like my sister and had gotten me into lacrosse. She taught me almost everything I know. She always wanted to help others. Cadee and I had planned on earning money to give to charity at one point in time a couple years ago. She always wanted to give and make everyone happy.

- Haidyn Baker

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I wasn’t lucky enough to really get to know Cadee but I did have the privlage of having a class with her. Although I didn’t know her personally I feel like I have some sort of connection to her. Every time I think about her or see her picture, or think about all the things she won’t get the chance to do in this life I just cry. I wish I had the opertunity to know Cadee better, she seems like she was the most amazing person. I know that we will all be able to see Cadee again and I hope one day I’ll get to know her and have her as a friend.

Brynn Burningham (herriman high junior)

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